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➕ Much needed equipment from Secours Sud Fribourgeois and Compagnie Châtel (Fire station in Châtel-Saint-Denis) is on its way to the Kherson State Emergency Service of Ukraine. All this became possible due to joint efforts of so many people and organizations. We are grateful to Sébastien Schmid @sebastien.schmid and Solidarité Broye-Ukraine, Secours Sud Fribourgeois, Compagnie Châtel (Fire station in Châtel-Saint-Denis) and Association “Cholidéro chin Frontêre” for their help and support. A special thank you to the non-profit organization Switlo @switlo_ch for the greatest help with logistics. Only owing to your openness and willingness to help people, has this rescue equipment been sent to the affected areas of Kherson so quickly. When associations work together to bring emergency aid to Ukraine, it’s nothing but joy no matter the magnitude of the task. 12 tons of rescue & firefighter equipment were sent to Kherson in Ukraine. We are grateful to all who have made this project a success in a very short period of time. ❤️‍🩹💙💛 via Instagram
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