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‼️‼️➕ We are raising money for VACs for the State Institution ”Ukrainian State Scientific Research Institute of Medical and Social Problems of Disabilities of MOH of Ukraine” in Dnipro 🏥 ➕ our goal is 10’000CHF 🙌🏻 Our team works tirelessly to provide Ukraine with a live-saving medicine and medical equipment. One of our ongoing projects is acquiring devices for the vacuum assisted wound closure therapy (VACs). Being essential for treating heavily injured victims of the war, these devices are one of the most scarce and urgently needed items in Ukrainian hospitals. VAC might be useful in the healing of traumatic injuries and postoperative wounds and also reduce infections after surgery. Studies show that VACs significantly helps patients heal faster and reduce infection. Treatment can last anywhere from a couple of days to several months depending from the severity of the wound. ❤️‍🩹Together we can help! Please visit our website and donate 🙏🏻 via Instagram
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