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➕Thanks to generous donations from Dénériaz Groupe Holding SA and company Sunstone Brokers our team has acquired 6 surgical orthopedic drills and 6 orthopedic saws. With this purchase we have also received 6 spare batteries for free. A surgical power tool is an instrument used to perform surgery on bone or bone fragments. It enables drilling, sawing, reaming and screwing. It’s used in orthopedic surgery, traumatology and neurology. All these tools will be delivered to 6 different hospitals in Ukraine : Khmelnytsky Regional Hospital : Department of Medical Rehabilitation of the National Pirogov Memorial Medical University in Vinnytsya, Vinnytsia City Clinical Emergency Hospital, Cherkasy Third City Emergency Hospital , Sumy Central City Hospital and Okhtyrka Central Regional Hospital 🏥🏥🏥🏥🏥🏥 There is a great need for meds and medical tools all over Ukraine and is helping to meet this need. Procuring and delivering some of the most needed medical equipment and supplies is part of our mission to support Ukraine during these difficult times. And we are deeply grateful to Dénériaz Groupe Holding SA, Sunstone Brokers and everyone who support and partners us in this life-saving work❤️‍🩹💙💛#helpuach via Instagram
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