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➕ We are pleased to inform that our Association and the NEST project of the Humanitarian Center of Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation are now partners in a program that helps Ukrainian families from the Kyiv region who lost their homes due to russian invasion. About 2.4 million Ukrainians have already lost their homes. This figure continues to increase. This figure continues to increase. More than 4,500 private and high-rise buildings were damaged in the Kyiv region alone. One of the options for temporary housing is modular settlements. We have teamed up to spread awareness about the importance of installing modular houses right now. Also will help NEST project in fundraising and resource mobilization. Together we can do more. Join NEST initiative, join the restoration of Ukraine 💙💛 For more information visit @nestprytulafoundation @prytulafoundation via Instagram
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