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➕ With the war ongoing and winter colds, receives daily humanitarian help requests from shelters and volunteers who support animals. 🐶🐱🐹🐰To help the many thousands of cats&dogs in need all over Ukraine, we welcome donations of pet food, veterinary supplies, collars, leashes&harnesses, toys, food&water bowls, flea and tick treatment products etc ➕If you have any pet food you can spare, or you wouldn’t mind adding an extra can or bag when you do your weekly shopping, please bring it to our warehouse in Vevey (avenue de Corsier 20 18000 Vevey) or to the Le Sémaphore restaurant in Lausanne (Av. d’Ouchy 7, 1006 Lausanne) ➕By donating to pets in need today, you help keep innocent animals from going hungry and ill. ➕Generous donations from businesses have allowed us to expand our possibilities to reach more people and animals in need. If your business can help, get in touch with our team at to discuss the options. Help us to help 🙌🏻 💙💛❤️‍🩹 via Instagram
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