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The team works tirelessly to provide Ukraine with scarce live-saving medicine and medical equipment. One of our latest projects is acquiring devices for the vacuum assisted wound closure therapy (VACs). Being essential for treating heavily injured victims of the war, these devices are one of the most scarce and urgently needed items in Ukrainian hospitals. VAC might be useful in the healing of traumatic injuries and postoperative wounds and also reduce infections after surgery. Our medical team was working for 4 weeks to find and secure the best price for so needed VACs. We were able to buy 36 VAC therapy machines and more than 2000 spare parts for them. 14 VACS were payed by corporate donations, 12 by Sunstone Brokers SA , 1 by direct donations to and also UA Brokers Without Borders joined our affords and payed for 9 more VACs. A big shipment is on its way from Turkey to Ukraine just now. Soon these machines will be delivered to Ukranians hospitals.
We are extremely grateful to our partners and private donators for making this possible. We will happily share further information as soon as the devices have reached their destination.
Please continue helping us help Ukraine. Right now we are raising money for a surgical drill, an instrument used to perform surgery on bones or bone fragments. It is mainly used in orthopedic surgery, traumatology, neurology and ENT surgery.


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